Tur til Samariáravinen fra Khaniá – Europas lengste ravine
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Tur til Samariáravinen fra Khaniá – Europas lengste ravine
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Tur til Samariáravinen fra Khaniá – Europas lengste ravine

1 day
Umiddelbar bekreftelse
Om denne aktiviteten
Det er mange ting å se og gjøre på Kreta. Med sine utrolig vakre, solrike landsbyer og sunne middelhavsmat er Kreta en fest for sansene. Men pass å sette av tid til en fottur i Samariáravinen. Denne 16 km lange fotturen med guide tar deg til et slående vakkert sted. Bli hentet i Khaniá i en komfortabel buss, og gjør deg deretter klar til en imponerende fottur i en ravine med høye kalksteinsklipper og sjarmerende landsbyer i bakgrunnen.

Utfordringen er å gå fra den ene enden av Samariáravinen til den andre (18 km). Stien gjennom ravinen er steinete og ujevn, og egner seg ikke for personer i dårlig form, kunder med hjerteproblemer eller høyt blodtrykk samt gravide.

Du finner en rekke stoppesteder med toaletter og drikkevann underveis. Noen steder er ravinen kun tre meter bred, og det kan hende at du må klatre over rullesteinblokker. Slutten av ravinen er i Agia Roumeli, hvor vi tar en pause og du kan finne deg noe å spise (mat er ikke inkludert). Vi returnerer med båt til Sougia, hvor vi hentes av en buss.
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  • Lokal guide
  • Henting ved og bringing til hotellet
  • Transport i buss med klimaanlegg
Ikke inkludert
  • Adgangsavgift til Samariáravinen: EUR 5
  • Båtbillett fra Agia Roumeli til Sougia
  • Mat og drikke
  • Bekreftelse fås ved bestilling.
  • Minimumsalderen er 18 år.
  • Husk pent antrekk
Matthew S
5 | 2019-07-03

The gorge is amazing! Hike through several different terrains and scenic views. Allow a full day from departure to return. Transportation to and from was comfortable. If I had to change anything, it would be nice if the guide affixed a flag to the end of her walking stick to use as a visual to gather group at key points like at the ferry departure and coach bus.

Stuart W
4 | 2017-08-05

Understand that this tour is a hiking tour. Now, I'm a fit person, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, and I'm in relatively good shape. However, I'm not an experienced hiker, and on previous treks I've been given the nickname of twinkletoes due to the amount of times I have fallen over. The terrain on this hike is rocky and slippery, I wish I had worn better shoes walking boots even. I was not too proud to hire a walking pole from the guide for 2.50 which I felt really helped in some of the areas. Honestly, after looking at your feet for so long it felt like playing an ankle destroying game of Tetris. I did roll my ankles a couple of times, and I saw others do this also. Ouch. The guide was quite repetitive stating to always be looking at your feet and that this is a long and challenging walk - but in fairness, I think this advice was spot on. Although it was a walk in the park, figuratively it was not in my opinion!. The weather on the day we went was hot, so dress appropriately and sunscreen/hat etc. The entrance to the park and the boat ticket cost 15 euros which was taken from each passenger in the morning on the coach trip to the park. For those who prefer premium toilet roll I would recommend trying to backup - your nice toilet stops will be in the cafe/shop stop before you get to the park, and then toilets at the village/town where you take the ferry at the end of the 5 hour walk. Otherwise you'll be stuck with the toilets on the walk, which are squat style, and you'll have to put up with whatever mess the lines of tourists have left for you. At the bottom of the park you will be advertised/offered a 2 euro bus to the village/town of Agia Roumeli. At this point the walking is easy, downhill, less rocky, and really only another 15-20 mins to the town. So you can save yourself 2 euros but after a long hike I can understand why people take it. One thing to be aware of. The guide gives times of being at / leaving checkpoints. These are: 1st checkpoint : Aga Nikalous : 9:30 Samaria 2nd checkpoint: 11:00 3rd checkpoint: 13:15 which is the bottom of the national park 20 mins walk to town... 16:45 be at the restaurant to take the boat tickets 17:30 the ferry leaves Agia Roumeli As you can see with those timings, you can actually take more time in the park. The guide setting those timings made it somewhat rushed. But on a hot day I can understand why you'd want to be out of the park when the sun is at its hottest. Overall, really good - just wish I took better shoes.

Haider M
5 | 2017-05-16

Amazing experience. Although it meant getting up early in the morning you can sleep on the bus ride there. Just made sure you are prepared with food,snacks and water through the gorge.

Tracey T
4 | 2016-12-20

Excellent tour, highly organized and a great guide! The only thing I would change is adding an uphill option for a more challenging hike.

Tom Bevers B
2 | 2016-08-27

You can find the exact same trip locally at less than half of the Viator price. Same bus, same guides, ... However, the Gorge is absolutely worth the visit. The walk is tough, but feasible, even for the not very well trained. Put on good shoes, however. There is a small local bus that runs from the exit of the park to the seaside, which is a good option if you feel you have walked enough as you probably will.

Dennis S
5 | 2016-08-21

The pick up was right on time. Thomas was very informative on the way to the gorge and after the entire hike. He got us to the gorge earlier than a lot of buses get there so you beat the crowds w this tour. The hike was absolutely gorgeous. A mix of Grand Canyon and Zion national park. Recommend it!

Matthew G
5 | 2016-06-22

Great walk, early start to stay ahead of crowds and make most of shade. Well organised, the guide Thomas was super, checked in on everyone at all the rest stops and good commentry on the bus. Spring water available all way down so only need one water bottle folks.

5 | 2016-06-22

The Gorge was wonderful. Thomas was an excellent guide and very helpful. It was definitely an experience I will always remember.

Jacky J
5 | 2016-05-23

Our trip to the Samaria gorge was very nice. We had to get up very very early but it was totally worth it! Our guide Thomas was nice and friendly and could tell us a lot about the gorge and its environment. It was a very long day but this is something you have to do if you're in Crete.



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