Middagscruise på Seinen i bistro-stil
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Middagscruise på Seinen i bistro-stil
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Middagscruise på Seinen i bistro-stil

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Om denne aktiviteten
Gå om bord i en elegant båt på Ile de la Cité, Paris’ historiske sentrum. Nyt den fantastiske utsikten over byen fra Seinen om natten. Dette 75-minutters cruiset går forbi de mest interessante og vakre attraksjonene langs Paris’ elvebredder. Med informasjonsheftet for hånden kan du lese om dem alle mens du slapper av ved bordet.
Gli forbi den imponerende Notre Dame-katedralen, mens du beundrer den prangende gotiske arkitekturen fra dette enestående utsiktspunktet. Fortsett til Ile St Louis, en eldgammel, fredfylt plett midt i Seinen.
Mens kaptein styrer skuten elegant på elven, kan du se etter andre spesielle interessepunkter. Hôtel de Ville, Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Place de la Concorde og det blendende Eiffel-tårnet ligger på rekke og rad langs ruten, og fra dette utsiktspunktet får du sett dem fra en unik synsvinkel.
Mens det parisiske nattpanoramaet glir forbi, inntar du en deilig 3-retters middag: start med foie gras, etterfulgt av en fiskespesialitet, før måltidet avsluttes med en duo av søte delikatesser. Oppgrader for å få vin eller champagne til måltidet. Båtens lenestolaktige seter er vendt utover, slik at du kan nyte den fantastiske utsikten mens du spiser.
Etter et 75-minutters cruise på Seinen går du i land på Ile de la Cité, der turen begynte.
Merk: Fra november til april følges en annen rute på grunn av høy vannføring i elven. Cruiset vil starte og slutte i nærheten av Eiffeltårnet og passerer færre attraksjoner enn under sommercruiset.
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  • Middag - 3-retters middag
  • En halv flaske vin per par (hvis alternativet er valgt)
  • En halv flaske Champagne per par (hvis alternativet er valgt)
  • Informasjonshefte
  • Inngang/adgang - Seine River
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  • Minimumsalder for å drikke alkohol er 18
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5 | 2019-05-13

Romantic and scenic view of the city, fabulous food- the flavors were out of this world. The staff were exceptionally organized, fast, and friendly

Sally M
1 | 2019-04-26

Boat is difficult to find and staff was very rude. This was unfortunate because the food was quite good.

4 | 2019-04-22

Great views, good food. However, if you are going to book this book it later Thant 6:15. We were rushed off the boat and were not able to finish our beverages.

Rhiz Novah A
4 | 2019-04-17

It was my 4th visit to Paris but first time to do the Seine River cruise. This is a great way to have a relaxing time to see some parts of the city. But nothing beats exploring Paris by foot. However, if you're not a fan of walking, this would be a good alternative and will give you a chance to sit back and just enjoy the view. It was a bit tricky to find the boat, so make sure to go to the Bir Hakeim bridge and find the middle area where the green statue is. Across, on the other side of the bridge is the access stairs to go down to where the boat is docked.

Nirdoola R
3 | 2019-04-02

We waited for the boat other side of the river for over an hour...only when i called the number on booking confirmation letter 15 mins before departure as i didnot see the boat... The csa told me it was a blue boat....someone working on another boat had to speak to csa to explain to me exactly where to go within 5 mins we had to run....including elderly family member ...it was so stressful ...disappointing when i was not sent any map for exact location.

Joseph R
1 | 2019-03-29

Impossible to find. Terrible. Don’t book this through Viator. Better to find a boat in Paris and book there. Also Viator charges an extra 6” Euro. Total rip off.

Martha B
1 | 2019-03-28

It is about time for Viator to make sure there is a way to find the boat. I wanted to treat a few frinds to an amazing dinner on the Siene river. They were looking for one hour, never found the boat. They then changed the reservation for 10 pm. Then again, they couldn't find it. Viator refunded part of the fee. I coudl have treated them to a dinner at a nice restaurant instead. Very disappointed in Viator There are several comments about this issue, not addressed, obviously

5 | 2019-01-15

Food and service on the boat was great. Loved the view and the seating was good.Would have loved it if the trip was a little bit longer.

Steven A
3 | 2018-11-29

While a dinner cruise on The Seine sounds romantic this is definitely not. Maybe I expected too much. You board the boat and are seated you wait until all guests are boarded before seeing a server. I had gone to the bar even to order our table a round of cocktails and was told to return to my seat and someone would be with me momentarily. So you sit listening to outdated music that is not jazz, or French standards (or even standards at all) but 70's (not disco but far from dinner music).After about 15 minutes (from being seated) finally someone shows up to hand you a menu (a choice of 2 entrees) everything else is pre-set and still have not been offered a drink. Upon receiving the menu we requested a pre-dinner cocktail it was finally served when the appetizer was served by the waiter. As the boat started to travel the lights allowing the staff to see (understandable) were reflecting in the window glass making more of an impression and dimming the view of the Eiffel Tower which was fully lit. Making picture taking near impossible.The food is prepared off site and appears to only be plated on the boat, food is little more than airline food on a plate.The waiters (possibly understaffed) since you only see them when passing out food or collecting dirty plates do not have time to give you "real service". While trying to take pictures I was told I could go to the upper deck and get a better picture but I was worried if I did I would miss the server as they strolled through picking up plates or distributing the next course.The cruise lasts approximately 90 minutes and by the end I was ready to get off.Some things they could do to make the experience better. Have servers ready to attend to customers as soon as they board for pre-dinner cocktails, change the music to a little more "French" inspired, dimming of the lights or a different kind where you have an unobstructed view of the sites. I do realize this is a "tourist" venture (as everyone in our seated area were tourists) but with a few "tweeks" could have been so much more.Personally for the length of this cruise I would have preferred a pre-dinner cocktail cruise, board us have a drink or two down the Seine and then disembarked and went somewhere else for dinner. Would this have been better had I taken the later cruise? Maybe, or maybe at another time of the years when the sun sets later so we could have been here at dusk. Will I go again? Probably BUT will do some homework to see other options.

Victoria S
5 | 2018-11-21

Well organised, good food and really pleasant, hard working staff. Really enjoyed the whole evening. Fully recommend.

Jennifer G
4 | 2018-11-01

I was impressed with how modern and nicely furnished the boat was. The seats are very comfy and all look out to the water which was great. Also there's nice little slide in/out tables in front of you for eating which is great. The food I was not expecting to be good and so there for I was a bit surprised that it was not that bad...this is not a meal to remember or anything like that but it will do. The wine was not too bad either and definitely we drank it all.

4 | 2018-10-30

Overall a really good experience and a great way to see the sights of Paris. The food whilst enjoyable wasn’t to the taste of one of our group. A word of warning for ladies, getting onto the boat in heels is challenging especially in wet weather. Overall we would do this again

5 | 2018-10-29

After a long day of walking around Paris, this cruise was fantastic. The seats were comfortable, the food was delicious, and the views were amazingQ!

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