Travel Tips: Good things to know before going to Poland
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Travel Tips: Good things to know before going to Poland
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Travel Tips: Good things to know before going to Poland

Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe. Being here would admire the stunning natural scenery, fresh environment and especially the hospitality of the locals. Owning a rich history and culture identity, Poland has become an attractive destination for tourists and discoverers. For your wonderful safe trip to Poland without unnecessary inconveniences, prepare yourself with our tips below!

1. Language and religion

Besides Polish which is the main language of the country, English is the second spoken language here so if you can speak English, you are good to go. There are also some small communities of people who can speak German, Armenian, Belarusian, Czech, Russian, Karaim, Kashubian, etc. If you want to gain the sympathy of native speakers, you can learn some Polish basic words to communicate and then your trip will be more enjoyable. Let’s take a look at some greeting phrases in Polish below:

  • Good morning / good afternoon! - Dzień dobry [dsyeni dobry]
  • Thank you! - Dziękuję [dsyenkooyeh]
  • Bye - Cześć [cheshch]
  • I’m sorry / Excuse me - Przepraszam [pshehpraasham]
  • Please - Proszę [prosheh]
  • Yes - Tak [tahk] / No - Nie [nye]
  • Do you speak English? - Czy pan/pani mówi po angielsku? [chee pahn/pahnee moovee po angyelskoo]
  • I don’t speak Polish - Nie mówię po polsku [nyeh moovyeh poh pohlskoo]
  • I don’t understand - Nie rozumiem [nyeh rohzoomyem]
  • How much? - Ile? [eeleh]

Poland is considered a Catholic country as about 90% of the population being Catholic while only 2% follow other religions and the rest of the population are the atheist.

Polish language
Polish language

2. Best time to visit Poland

Poland is an attractive destination at any time of the year as each season, Poland shows its own fascinating beauty. The weather here is quite pleasant with warm summer, shiny days in autumn and cool atmosphere in winter.
The peak of the touristic season is usually from July to August so if you do not like crowded street and busy traffic, the period that is between February and May or the months of September and October are ideal for your trip. However, if you want to go to Poland for skiing, a couple of days between December and March would be a perfect choice.

Girls on the bike
Girls on the bike

3. Currency and payment

The local currency of Poland is Zloty (HRK), you should exchange some cash in advance in your country rather than doing that at the banks in Poland because the rate is quite high. In the big cities of Poland, you can purchase with your credit cards such as Popular Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro. AmEx, Diners' Club are also accepted. Using a credit card helps you shopping without bringing too much cash, which is also safe for you.

To exchange Euro to the Zloty, you can check HERE
To exchange Dollar to the Zloty, you can check HERE
Polish money
Polish money

4. Gastronomy in Poland

Polish culinary culture has its own mark due to famous local dishes such as pierogi, bigos, kiełbasa, barszcz, zrazy, czernina, schabowy z kapustą, pierogi, gołąbki ... and many other potatoes. Tasting traditional food is a good way to get a better understanding of the culture and people here.

Polish cuisine
Polish cuisine

5. Best destinations in Poland

Poland is a charming country in the Eastern European with beautiful landscapes and historic sites. Here are some of the famous must-see places that you should not miss when visiting this peaceful and friendly country!
Krakow: One of the biggest tourist destinations, with beautiful medieval architecture including castles, old churches, monuments and also the largest European Market Square - Stary Rynek
Wroclaw: The largest city in western Poland which is famous for amazing architectures and sailing experience
Bieszczady National Park: This is a huge area of ancient woodland on the Belarus border with abandoned villages, isolated trails, and dense forests
Tatra National Park: A well-known place for its spectacular alpine landscapes
Wieliczka salt mine: This is one of the 14 Polish tourist destinations that have been recognized by UNESCO
Auschwitz-Birkenau: This is the concentration camp and the massacres of Germany


6. Transport in Poland

The transport system in Poland is quite developed with a quick and guaranteed public transport network including bus and subway.
- Bus: Buses are almost everywhere in the cities and towns. If you want to move in short distances, taking a bus is a cheap and practical way.
- Subway: Warsaw is the only city in Poland that has a subway line, so you can only use it in Warsaw.
- Taxis: In some case, taxis could be your best option as the driver can pick you up anywhere you want but you should ask the price before getting in.

Bus in Poland
Bus in Poland

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